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Strange Events: Angry Thursday European Floods, Unusual Barrie Tornado

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European Dangerous Lakes and Rivers causes Massive  Floods July 15, 2021

2021-07-16 by Veronica Davis

What was happening around the World on Thursday that made Lakes, Rivers and Banks to break all around  Europe. This week's flash floods in northern villages of Schleitheim und Beggingen Switzerland has caused devastation.  So far there have been about 110 deaths reported western Germany and Belgium. 

People died from Houses collapsing on them in Erftstadt, Southwest of Cologne. Aerial photos show a massive sinkhole.

This Friday, People are still in danger as rescuing still continues. Images of Houses destroyed are seen  in Schuld, Germany, on July 15.  Images of Cars submerged in water after the Meuse River broke its banks during heavy flooding in Liege, Belgium. Images of  Upside down Cars are seen lying in a washed out part of the Bessem district.   In  Kordel, Germany there are images of submerged trains. So far there are reports of 1300 people missing in Germany. The number of missing people in Belgium is rising.


Rare Ontario Tornado July 15, 2021

2021-07-16 by Veronica Davis

Tornadoes in Canada are becoming more frequent in the past five years. There really is no consistency where the next Tornado is going to hit. In Manitoba Tornadoes have hit the most unlikely places, usually never repeated again. Three weeks ago the Strongest tornado hit Mascouche, Que., killing 1 man

Yesterday in Ontario there was a Tornado that passed through a town called Barrie. There were at least 20 homes  --damaged  and at least 8 people critically hurt but no deaths. The Tornado passed through on Thursday Afternoon. It was reported that the Storm lasted 10 to 15 minutes.

How strange is that. Storms can last up to an hour. Because when a storm brews up it takes time for all the ingredients to be there. Which gives humanity long enough time to prepare. But a short storm like that is clearly saying that storms of today are not that of yesterdays.

Disasters around the World are becoming less natural but man made.

Take for example, yesterday around the same time the Barrie Tornado occurred in Ontario there was a loud Thunderous sound over  me. Yesterday the Winnipeg heat was at least 33 degree temperatures but the sky was bright blue. Above 30 degree temperature has been the Spring weather for the past three weeks.  While I was outside  I heard the Thunder Sound once but when I went outside of  my garage there was no sign of dark clouds headed my way or any sign of a storm. But clearly I heard the loudest sound of Thunder right above me. Then there was the same sound that I heard again probably 30 minutes later. Then I decided to hang out outside my Yard only to still not find any signs of dark clouds. Yesterday was a beautiful blue sky. One thing I have been noticing about the Winnipeg City trees is that they are scorching with sap. Usually sap is gathered from Maple trees when Spring frozen grounds thaws out.

So what is this all telling us? The Thunderous sound I heard was definitely a sign of Jesus Christ's return. Each time God appeared to the Israelites there was a sound of Thunder. When the Virgin Mary appears to the people there is always a loud sound of Thunder.

This Morning I had a dream of My late Father. We were shopping for a Veil.  In my first book from the Series Triumphants: What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say. I wrote about Signs and Dreams and the meaning behind them. The Veil is a huge Sign to Jesus Christ. But it is a sign of death. In my dream I saw a lineup of people and the line was so long I lost track of my Parents. This is an indication that the line up to get to Heaven's door  is narrow and long. This is what the Sacred Bible tells us.

We might be living in a Time where Jesus Christ is telling people, I do not know you. So it is time to get closer to the Word of God and ask him for Guidance. Because the Birds dying is not just a rare sign but the rare events happening around the World is a clear sign that strange events will happen in the most unlikely places. So be prepared.


Massive Dead Birds in the U.S

A large number of dead birds have died in the United States. Authorities urged the public not to touch the dead birds if seen. Keep distance. This has happened in many American States at the same time. 

What concerns me is that the birds have their eyes turn grey which makes them blind. The juvenile birds seem to be the ones dying.

Could this be the sign of high frequency being tested in that area.

Remember the Hollywood movie with American actress Sandra Bullock where the character played by her seems to be the only one around her town to survive this virus that has plagued the air. She and her daughter have to be led blind folded because if they take away their blind fold they could go blind.

High frequency  is given off with anything from a household stove or microwave.  Higher frequency weapons have been used by the military.

In the past Miners led a bird into the mines to test the levels of toxicity. If the bird was dead then the environment was too toxic for the miners to go inside.

Megatrndz has written about massive fish, sea creatures such as whales, penguins in the past decade. So Massive birds dying is not that uncommon.

The grey on their eyes is clearly an indication of the Sunlight being too strong as well. Perhaps the birds seem to be telling us more than just death. The extreme heat wave across Canada and the United States is also a sign that we need to have eye protections as well.

Human Crisis: It Continues Nicaragua s Dictator and Communist Ortega Regime

2021-07-06 by Veronica Davis

Night of Terror  as Kidnapping  numbers mount up in Nicaragua . On Monday more Presidential candidates in Nicaragua have been arrested by Dictatorship Daniel Ortega. For Months the evil,  dictator is preventing all leaders from entering office for November 2021 Presidency. On June 25, 2021 after emergency U.S Sanctions against Ortegas Regime the Nicaragua President Dictator Daniel Ortega met with Russian Vladimir Putin in Managua, Nicaragua.

Monday Night Ortegista police arrested farmworker leaders Medardo Mairena. According to the Ortegista police he is being accused of murder and kidnapping by his own regime. Pedro had  planned to run against Ortega for the next 2021 presidential. Two other leaders of farmers' groups, Pedro Mena and Freddy Navas, were also arrested. An opposition activist named a Pablo Morales, was arrested.

Anyone speaking against the Dictatorship is being arrested for treason. Nicaraguan Student leader were also arrested. Lesther Alemán, a former student leader who returned to Nicaragua after exile . Another student leader Max Jerez was arrested.

At least 27 opposition figures over the past month have been arrested.

During the last couple of weeks this June in a live televised speech Dictator Ortega said to the Sandinista Communist Nicaraguan audience, "The enemies of the revolution, the enemies of the people, are shouting how is it possible they're detained, how is it possible they're imprisoned, how is it possible they're being prosecuted,".

There is little of  discussion of the jail conditions of all leaders. But the current conditions of Nicaraguan jail allows brutality against the rights of humanity. As stories of horror have been documented of people released in the past two years.

The Nicaraguan political prisoners are in secret locations, incommunicado and have no access to relatives or lawyers.

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