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Climate Chaos: New York Coastal Flooding, Philippines 6.1 earthquake and New Madrid Quake

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Climate Chaos: New York Coastal Flooding, Philippines 6.1 Earthquake2018-09-08
NOAA has been warning New York coastal flooding for the areas in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau Counties. on Sept 9 2018 until Monday September 11, 2018. One to 2 feet of inundation above ground level in low lying, vulnerable areas. Strong rip currents and large dangerous surf will make the beach hazardous up 7 ft.

Warning New York coastal flooding Sept 9 2018

Climate Chaos Philippines 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake2018-09-08
Highest Earthquake Today: 6.1 magnitude earthquake near San Pedro, Davao, Philippines Highest Magnitude Earthquake Yesterda…