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Standing Up For Persecuted Christians #humanrights

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Standing Up For Persecuted Christians by Veronica  Davis 2/6/2020
We all know who Donald J. Trump? He is an American Citizen. But do you know that he is defending the rights of the Christians and stands by them. This comes a couple of days after a fake Catholic United States White House representative Nancy Pelosi  has ripped the President's speech in front of millions around the world. How embarrassing is having such a person like Pelosi representing Catholics. What a poor example.

This morning the U.S President talks about the Johnson amendment. This is the right for the religious preachers to discuss about politics in the United States. President Donald Trump is giving the right for the Americans to pray in public schools. All this comes amidst the right for Christianity to be targeted by certain groups to not exist.

'We are standing up for persecuted Christian all around the world like nobody has ever done,' w…

Bullying Trend: Christians and Catholics in Canada Won't Be Bullied by Justin Trudeau's Government

Bullying Trend: Christians and Catholics in Canada Won't Be Bullied by Justin Trudeau's Government2018-03-19 by Veronica Davis
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Won't Be Bullied by Justin Trudeaus Goverment

Canadian Christians and Catholics are stronger than ever as secularism is growing. The Catholic Church and Christians are not a minority and should not be left in the dark. Strength in unifying two strong majority groups is important for the life and dignity of humanity.  It was a message the Lord gave me whole heartedly with the phrase Secularism. It is a phrase Canada a young growing Country must become. The Lord's messages can be viewed on theSeeing in the Dark episode .or read Seeing in the Dark November 29, 2017.
It is not going to matter what  Justin Trudeau’s Liberals just voted just now to impose their values test on Canadians. What matters how we as a nation vote for our own co…