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COVID-19 update: Trudeau addresses Canadians | Special coverage

  COVID-19 update: Trudeau says " The Emergency Measures Act is an Extreme Law" during Global Pandemic Thursday March 19, 2020 Ottawa Canada Fourth Day PM Trudeau Live Coverage to the Nation May 19,2020 11 AM "The Emergency Measures Act is an Extreme Law with certain implications that would also require us to bring back the House of Commons to these measures. It is a major tool. I can tell you right now we have a lot of tools that allow us to do . " "We are giving you more help when you need it" says Trudeau to Canadian Families. Canadian New $82 Billion Plan during Pandemic Crisis New Travel Restriction for non-essential travel US-Canada Border to take affect in the night of Friday March 20, 2020 to Saturday Restrictions could take effect May 20, 2020 midnight Single Mom of two will get nearly $1,500 by the end of May because of the increase of the Child Tax Shops close to help Social distancing remain in effect Trum

Spain Declared National Emergency March 13, 2020

Spain  Declared National Emergency March 13, 2020 March 14, 2020 The Covid-19 Pandemic is causing countries to close its borders around the World. Spain has had a surge of 1,500 new cases. As of March 13,2020 Spain is in a State of Emergency or in spanish 'stado de Alarma'. God Bless to the people there. The United States has reported also on the same day  a National   Emergency. People in Spain are unsure what it means to be in a State of Emergency. People are alarmed with the speed that is spreading as quite alarming.  As of March 14, 2020 6,391 cases in Spain 195 deaths and 517 recovered. Spain has just recently closed its public school a couple of days ago according to Madrid residents. France is closing its shops today. RT news is still showing the riots in France. And the migration coming from Turkey on its way to EU? Spanish Prime Minister declares State of Emergency France ranks 7th of the Covid-19 Pandemic with  4,480 France as of March 14 6:13 p

Will the Coronavirus come through a Pop Can Bought From a Store?

Will the Coronavirus come through a Pop Can Bought From a Store? Saturday March 14, 2020 5:00 PM From Pop cans to the Mail to Handshakes how much is the risk? Is it worth it? A couple of days ago, an amazon employee at its headquarters tested positive. Immediately the media reported on it. So Why is part of the Brampton Ontario Coke Bottling Facility  being disinfected? On March 12 2020 the story broke out of how an employee testing positive from the Coronovirus, 'Coke Canada halting some production after worker tests positive for COVID-19'.  The Coke Canada  plant is at 15 Westcreek Blvd., west of Tomken Road. The infected person was a clerical worker in Coke Canada and did not come close the bottling section. However this does not mean that someone who was near the infected , transmitted the virus to someone that was working in it. So Is it safe not taking precautions during a Pandemic? While yesterday PM Justin Trudeau said he was not going to be tested for

Canadian Schools Should Shut down Nationally? March 13 2020

Human Crisis   Pandemic     State of Emergency Canadian Schools Should Shut down Nationally? Why not?  March 13 2020 Yesterday, Canadian Prime Minister's wife Sophie has been  taken into quarantine. Today, Prime Minister Trudeau had a  national conference outside of his home of isolation. In his conference he was asked about his family and how they were coping with his wife testing positive. His children are being isolated in the same location along with the Prime Minister. Still he has not been tested for the Coronavirus. So if the Prime Minister's children are at home? And the Ontario Government has shut down the Public  School system so why not nationally ? ( source ) Why can't all in of Canada? We are in a global Pandemic as it was announced a few days ago worldwide. Today 117 countries are infected with covid-19 virus. So have some Mayor's across Canada miss the mark? The United States has shut down schools nationally. New York is in Martial

What is happening with Covid-19?

Human Crisis Trend   State of Emergency Trend   Outbreak Trend     Agenda 21 Read all the articles from  February 25 2020 until today. What is happening with the Coronavirus or Covid-19 worldwide? Could the Coronavirus spread like an Avalanche Pandemic February 25, 2020 Will the Corona Virus be a Global Agenda and Pandemic? February 25, 2020 Global Pandemic, will it spread like an avalanche? February 25, 2020 The Coronavirus Situation Feb 28, 2020 A new secretive virus is also being reported yesterday. What is this new mysterious Read More.. Mysterious Flu and Hiv Like Mutation Mar 1, 2020 Will the Richmond Hill Toronto Public  or North York Region be infected? Mar 2 2020 Human Crisis Coronavirus Covid-19 March 4, 2022

Will the Richmond Hill Toronto Public be infected? Mar 2 2020

Human Crisis Trend State of Emergency Trend Outbreak Trend     Agenda 21 Will the Richmond Hill Toronto Public  or North York Region be infected with the Coronavirus Covid-19? Mar 2 2020 3/2/2020 It has been a question on everyone's mind? What about public transit? It is not just a concern about air flight? What about public bus transit? Canada is a large country but so far the coronavirus or new name covid-19 positive numbers are growing fast . Take for example its newest case of the coronavirus or covid-19 where a woman has taken public transit and is now infected. Will this new case in Richmond Hill Toronto patient bring new standards in the public sector? What kind of precautions were taken? Analysis A 34 yr old woman traveling from Pearson Airport coming from the Qatar Airways flights Qr4 83 or 163 Air Canada Flight AC 883. Then she rides in Toronto the Public Transit, on Thursday February 26 2020 . She rides the Go Bus heading to Richmond hill Ce

Manitoba is in a State of Emergency?

Climate Change Trend      Tectonic Plates Moving Continent Trend    Continental Drift Trend     Island Disappearing Trend      Climate Chaos Trend   Hurricane Trend    Flooding Trend   Damaging Winds Trend     Fireball Trend    Volcano Eruption Trend   Asteroid Trend   Q Anon Trend  Biological Weapon Trend      False Missile Alert Trend   Sinkhole Trend    Unusual Earthquake Trend      Laser Technology Trend     Mass Genocide Plan Trend     Direct Energy Weapon Trend     Emp Attack Trend   Human Crisis Trend    The False Prophet Trend        Blackout Trend    Weather Warfare Trend  The A.I Trend   Evacuation Order Trend     Full Moon Disaster Correlation Trend    CME Trend  Chem trail Trend     Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend     Weather Manipulation Trend         Account Suspension Trend     Climate Emergency Trend     Emergency Evacuations  2019 Winter Storm Almost a Manitoba State of Emergency? 4:00 PM 10/13/2019 Manitoba St

Climate Emergency Finally Called in Canada

Climate Change     Emergency Declaration Trend      Targeted Individual Trend Climate Chaos    Island Disappearing Trend    Tectonic Plates Moving Trend #climateemergency #climateactionnow (2019-18-06)  With the True Magnetic North moving and Canadian floods increasing every year or Canadian Islands disappearing has Canada finally discovered the trend?  Well apparently so. Canada is finally calling it a National Climate Emergency. Congratulations Canada. It is amusing to see that out of all the countries in the World, Canada is closest to the North Pole and yet the Government seems to be the most Chilaxing country in  the world. It must be all the  slushies or many brain freezes causing the brain to slow down. Either way. Seeing clear during a hot +40 C Canadian day or on a -45 c weather patterns is important. The only problem here is to find out centuries later it was all man made not natural. Related Climate Chaos Trend: Climate Emergency Artic Heatwave March

Climate Change : Indifinitely Closed Highway due to Historical Flood New Brunswick Canada

Climate Change    Climate Chaos        Emergency Declaration Trend       Tectonic Plates Moving Continent Trend    Continental Drift Trend      Island Disappearing Trend      Island Appearing Trend    Historical Flooding in New Brunswick Veronica Davis 2018-05-06 6:00 pm #NBFlood2018 #flooding #climatechange #climatechaos #canada #emergency More and more Humanity exposing themselves to danger. As more emergencies being declared around the planet. So are we seeing the Beginning of the Worst Disasters to Come. Are the Ocean Waters Rising? New Brunswick, Canada may be one of the first to experience Rising Sea Levels so why is no one reporting this. So historical floods in New Brunswick ,  has the Trans- Canada national highway remainsing closed . But how is it that it is being reported as "indefinitely " as  reported by CBC news.  Two days ago on May 3, 2018   the flooding is described as " the largest most impact flood generations if not

Laser Trends: California Residents Claim Lasers Caused Fires

Laser Fire Start Up Trends   Direct Energy Weapon Trend    Evacuation Order Trends   California Fire Trends  Laser Trends: California Residents Claim Lasers Caused Fires 2017 12 08 Silently Praying For The Victims #DirectEnergyWeapon #GeoEngineering #WeatherControl #CaliforniaFires #California #FalseFlag #WildFires #EMF #directenergyweaponlasers Fierce, and Threatening. Fires in the American State of  California Last Month now as we speak. Blue Beam Lights recorded on cell phones. No wind before hand, high winds all the sudden then back to Normal. Vortex Energy, claims residents. Today a Horse Downs became a target. Last Month California Wineries became a target. James Bunder takes us to the evidence of the California Fires "LASERS FROM THE SKY & THE CALIFORNIA FIRES". TruNews Streamed live on Dec 7, 2017 Christmas 2017: Prince of Peace or Gods of War 9,340 views Lockheed Martin ... #AdvancedTestHighEnergyAsset #ATHENA #LaserWeapon #