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World Wide Heated Resignations in Past Weeks

World Wide Heated Resignations in Past Weeks     (Tuesday, July 19 2022) While the UK receives record hot record temperatures of 40, Spain faces uncontrollable fires. Is it climate change or weather wars? When they said the Great Reset, what were they talking about? It is no longer becoming a mystery as the world begins to change just right in front of our eyes. China for example has been keeping billions of savings of money from their citizens. Since April 2022 Chinese banks have been under frozen status. It first began with them saying that their was a software upgrade.  Does it sound like Canada's rogers communication system being doing for several days this past weekend? Nobody seem to know the problem but a system upgrade glitch.Thousands of Canadians were unable to reach their bank information or internet. Then on Thursday July 7 2022 the Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson decides to all the sudden mysteriously resign. This came after some kind of UK government scandals o