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They are being called the resistants? Violating of Bill of Rights?

They are being called the resistants? Violating of Bill of Rights? 4/18/2020 Seven days ago I had a dream where there were rallies. But I saw it during the Holy weekend. In the name for Jesus Christ people got in their cars although it did not happen during the time I had the dream. It happened seven days later. During the American rallies people were saying that they wanted they right for religious rights. This is happening after there were arrests around the United States ordered by the Governors to arrest church congregates. Sounds like what happened two thousand years ago when the Roman Governor  arrested and then killed Jesus Christ. Just a couple of  days before the President of the United States  announced in many U.S States of the  to reopen the economy then  this happens. In a location where forty percent of the infected covid-19 has stepped outside their doors. Many people were arrested in Los Angeles. A secret guard unit is ready for Martial Law in Washington Dc. 

4/18/2020 Covid-19 Has Countries on Edge Spraying Disinfincting Solutions?

Whether it is a military plane or people spraying what they call disinfectant it has been happening. Strangely enough if you are in South America cars and  streets are being sprayed with disinfectant. In Columbia they have been receiving advice from South Korea a country that barely closed its Economy. But the mystery behind why people fully clothed are being sprayed in supermarkets. Or the mystery behind why people are spraying cars in the street is one to remember historically. In some countries people are sprayed outdoors in the streets around supermarkets with huge hydro looking trucks. In others countries you can not go into a grocery store unless you are being sprayed by the employees. A military plane has sprayed disinfectant over the Country Spain.  This report is found by zerohedge or 4/18/2020 Covid-19 2,328,600 Total cases  Confirmed Cases by Country/Region/Soverei