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Nation against Nation Trend Sentimental Egyptians for Christian Holiest Holiday Good Friday

  Climate Chaos Trend       5G Trend       Fireball Trend    Volcano Eruption Trend     Asteroid Trend       Target Individuals Trend    Biological Weapon Trend      False Missile Alert Trend     Sinkhole Trend     Unusual Earthquake Trend          Floods Trend        Laser Technology Trend     Direct Energy Weapon Trend   Blue Beam Trend    Emp Attack Trend Nation against Nation Trend Sentimental Canadian- Egyptians over Christian Holiest Holiday Good Friday  (2019-06-4)   There is a war about the Holiest Holiday in Canada. One Egyptian store owner wants answers from the Government and is rallying his community against the Holy of Holiest Holiday in Canada.  On Good Friday 2019 the grocery store owner is angry over a fine given to him for opening on a Holy of the Holiest days around the World. Canada has always respected different religions . Canada has always been of Christian va