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Linda, Grace and Henri Saturday August 21 2021

  Linda, Grace and Henri Saturday August 21 2021  On Thursday Hurricane Grace made landfall for first time in Mexico. On Saturday it left 8 people dead. Hurricane Grace disappears off the map by Monday while Linda and Henri linger. Storm Omais passes by Philippines.

Human Crisis: Federal Court strikes Vaccine Mandates and Restrictions on Unvaccinated

August 23,2021 There is always light and hope at  the end of the tunnel  This is a victory for the United States. Americans fighting Hard in Federal Court against vaccine mandates. An attorney from Texas tweets Today,  "Some thought it couldn't be done. Then it was done. Federal court strikes down vaccine mandate & restrictions on unvaccinated. "  People from Spain, England and France took the health orders to the streets. In Canada nothing is set in stone but even enforcing masks among teachers is becoming a grey area. A superintendent in Winnipeg is respecting vacinne enforced on teachers saying those for religious reasons can opt out. The World is fighting against New World Orders. See video footage of thousands going on the streets in Paris this Saturday August 21, 2021.