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Destruction of 8.1 Earthquake

Tsunami 1.205 m high ALERTA DE TSUNAMI - TSUNAMI EN DESARROLLO - Sigue subiendo la altura de las olas del tsunami frente a Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. — SkyAlert (@SkyAlertMx) September 8, 2017 Buildings Destroyed in Juchitan, Oaxaca El palacio municipal de #Juchitán Oaxaca, quedó destruido con la bandera mexicana en pie... #FuerzaMéxico 🇲🇽 — SkyAlert (@SkyAlertMx) September 8, 2017 #temblor Urgente #alerta el mar en costas de #Chiapas se ha ido 50 metros mar adentro ante posible Tsunami estar atentos. — Victor Parra (@vicmxu) September 8, 2017

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Blessed are you, holy Virgin Mary, deserving of all praise; from you rose the sun of justice, Christ our God. Friday September 8, 2017 7 pm Today, all around the world is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated. Today, meditations on this day can be done such as reading the Holy Rosary or simply thanking Our lady for being so full of grace in our hearts. How did Mary become Blessed Virgin Mary The Blessed Virgin Mary chosen by God is meditated on Monday's and Saturday's by reciting the Holy Rosary in  the first joyful mystery The Annunciation . In the First Annunciation of Archangel Gabriel calls her, "Hail favored one!" The Angel Gabriel tells young Mary that she will give birth to the King of Kings Jesus Christ. In the Holy Bible, the disciples of Jesus Christ Luke, John, Matthew write about the time the Virgin Mary of Nazareth receives heavenly visitation by God's messe

América Latina se oscurecerá en un dos días?

Podra América Latina se oscurecerá en un dos días?? Friday 2017-09-08 2:00 PM El NAP de las Américas de Equinix en Miami ¿Se oscurecerá América Latina en un par de días una vez que el huracán Irma cruce con la Ciudad de Miami? Es un escenario en el que nadie quiere pensar. No más de compras en Amazon, No más búsquedas de Google, o twitteando la información más reciente a la familia y amigos.  Para América Latina este puede ser un escenario al que tendrán que enfrentarse en un par de días. ¿Qué pasará con la infraestructura de red? Particularmente a la infraestructura de red en América Latina. Los edificios y cables submarinos que bajan afectarán el mercado latinoamericano. La puerta de enlace más grande de la red entre los EEUU y América latina está situada en Miami llamada NAP de las Américas. El NAP de las Américas de Equinix en Miami está conectado a Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Riot Games, SoftLayer de IBM, Twitter y Tencent en los

Will Latin America Go Dark after Hurricane Irma

Will Latin America Go Dark in a Couple of Days? Friday 2017-09-08 2:00 PM Equinix's NAP of the Americas in Miami Will Latin America go dark in a couple of days once Hurricane Irma cross path with the City of Miami? It is a scenario no one wants to think about. No more shopping at Amazon, No more Google Searches, or tweeting the latest information to family and friend.  An for the Latin Americas this may be a scenario they will have to face in a couple of days. What will happen to the network infrastructure? Particularly to the network infrastructure in Latin America . Buildings and submarine cables going down will affect Latin America market. The biggest network gateway between the US and Latin America is located in Miami called NAP of the Americas.  Equinix's NAP of the Americas in Miami are connected to holding Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Riot Games, IBM’s SoftLayer, Twitter, and Tencent in the America's data. Will Buildi

Angry Sun Angry Irma

Feast Day Friday, September 8 Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary #FeastDay #NativityOfMary Angry Sun Angry Irma, Katia, and Jose  Angry Irma Heading to Cuba and Bahamas today #Northern Lights #Auroras #geomagnetic storm #phenomena #solarflare  2017-09-08 7:00 am updated 1:30 pm Photo Nasa Are we under a geomagnetic Storm?  For the past two days the Earth's Sun been acting out and creating a geomagnetic Storm so damaging the Earth will be shacking. And while the Northern meteorologist such as in Michigan, announced Aurora's tonight on their facebook feeds, something bigger than the three hurricanes was brewing in the waters. Is it safe to observe Aurora lights during a geomagnetic storm? read further It is September 8, 2017 and already we have had meteors passing the planet earth and now at 3:00 am the biggest Earthquake 8.1 hitting the Coast of Mexico off Guatemala. So far the results have been the angry sun spitting radiation not before seen possi

8.0 Earthquake strikes the Atlantic Ocean

  Breaking News    2017-0908 7:44 am   8.1 magnitude Earthquake strikes in the Atlantic Ocean.    7 hours ago an 8.1 magnitude earthquake has striken off the Coast of Mexico with a 1 meter high Tsunami. Since that major earthquake over 24 over 5.0 magnitude.Over the past 3 days since the Hurricane Irma has been forming in the hot above normal temperature waters in the Atlantic Coast there has been an over 3 small earthquake warnings before the big 8.0 magnitude hit today. Friday September 8 2017, 11:43:12 UTC With the last earthquake out of more than 24 earthquake, being 62 minutes ago at 20km SSE of San Francisco del Mar, Mexico 4.8 magnitude. Meteors were also reported before the earthquake says the dutchsinse watch video below at 3:30 minutes . His theory that it takes over 3 days for the sun particles reaching the earth causing earthquakes read about solar radiation entitled ".The Angry Sun." . For the latest earthquake around the world go to ht