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June is Ocean Month

Mysterious Trends     Celestial Event Trend    Fireballs Trend   Mysterious Booms June is World Ocean Month 2018 by Veronica Davis 2018-06-09 #WorldOceansDay #hurricane #strangesounds #endtimes #trumpetsounds The ocean is so immense that most of us do not even pay attention what goes  on the other side of the planet besides the ground we step on. But our bodies is majority water and if our bodies do not receive water we cease to exist right. Does that mean that the ocean is the same.  One thing is for sure is the amount of strange anomalies found in the Ocean is increasing. However like it is written in the Book of Ecclesiastes where it describes that there is a time for everything on Earth. Then right now many countries will have to face the natural distractions of the the earth known as Hurricanes. As the month of June kicks of the hurricane season it is  Ocean Month . Below is an image taken from Ventusky showing how the Ocean is brewing up the latest ocean whir