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Is the Sun Getting Colder

Climate Change Trend     Unusual Earthquakes Trend      Earth Cracks Trend    Sinkholes Trend    Hurricanes Trend   Floods Trend    Volcano Eruption Trend   Wildfires  Climate Chaos Trend      Fireballs Trend      Asteroids Trend Solar Trend  Geomagnetic Storms     Solar Flares     Earth Disruptors     CME  Blackout Trend    Auroras and Northern Lights       EMP Attack Trend Solar Trend Is the Sun Getting Colder 2018-11-27  #Auroras #NorthernLights #StormHour  #geomagnetic storm #phenomena #solarflare #auroras #solar winds #earthsdisturbances #geomagneticstorms #ionosphere Is the Sun getting Colder. Is an Ice age on its way. What is happening to the Sun. Magnetic storms and the Earth's Magnetic field may tell us more  of what is to come. This winter 2018 may be the coldest winter ever. The earth's upper atmosphere is cooling rapidly. According to nemesis maturity published on Nov 27, 2018 there will be Geomagnetic storms on November  30th or December 1st