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Q Trend Today Aug 15 2018

 Climate Change       Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend      Volcano Trend      Hurricane Trend       Fireball Trend         Meteor Trend      Asteroid Trend Q Trend  Today Aug 15  2018 Q Trend A global purge of the white house. On June 12, 2018 Operation broken heart arrested thousands of pedophiles. The operation targeted suspects from all around the world from Saudi Arabia, Canada , United States and Philippines to name a few.: In the next few videos listen to Liz Crokin as guest for SG Report discuss the latest Q drop of Clinton Foundation. Furthermore explanation of the latest news of accusation that  : Bill Clinton raped a young boy who is now 26-years old, and the investigator who broke the story is now dead. Liz firmly believes that all of the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place so that Hillary Clinton will be arrested before November 11th of this year. This news comes after a DOJ airplane is spotted on yesterday in Little Rock Arkansa near the C