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Bizzare wave activities out along the Pacific Coastline

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Bizarre wave activities out along the Pacific Coastline2019-01-08
Strange ocean activity with a rhythmic movements like a donut shape out around the Pacific Coast from the United States to Canada. Not normal ocean activity as if something was stirring the ocean in that direction..The torsion may be related to the satanic weather manipulation system.One would think that the Japan 6.3 mag earthquake that just happened 7 hours ago would bring a tsunami movement to California coastline but it did not. Instead this strange movement continues to stay out in the ocean for several hours now.

Bizzare wave activities out along the Pacific Coastline January 08, 2019

Disaster boosts other weak industries.
A return of the polar vortex this winter could drive up demand for natural gas. Insights via — TicToc by Bloomber…

Strange Anomaly coming from Antarctica

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Strange Anomaly coming from Antarcticaby Veronica Davis 7:45 pm 2018-08-03
Are they Experimenting from Antarctica sending Radio waves changing the frequency or patterns of the ocean . What is really going on!

What is occurring between Leskov Island and Mikhaylov Island and Zavadovsky

Today August 3, 2018 there was a strange anomaly in Antarctica Lat.: 66°50'S / Lon.: 84°32'E / Altitude: 17m Timez…