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Holly Wood Occults Paganism Out in the Open

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November 4, 2017

November 4, 2017 Wow alot is going on today, but how much will go on in two days are worrying many United States Citizens. To the most part, stay at home. November 4 marks the boiling point. It is a day that has been marked for several months now. But so far on this date Israel bombed weapons cache in Syria November 2, 2017 Today also Without reading the next article already sounds like someone was being targeted hmmm project camelot just did a show on Canadians being heavily targeted by a harrassment network read article called Highway 400 crash victim was father of 9 kids, 'loved his family,' widow says. 3 people died in 14-vehicle pileup that sent others to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries Civil War in U.S Nov 4 2017 huh FALSE FLAGS, Nov 4th? Heads-UP! ALEX JONES 9/29/17 (pt-1) INFOWARS Help The Children November 2, 2017 #IStandWithCorey #CoreysArmy #PrayToEndPedogate #PRESERVEINNOCENCE @Corey_Feldman #Pedogate @