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Convoy of Truck Keep Passing the Prairies

  Human Crisis Trend Convoy of Truck Keep Passing the Prairies Veronica Davis 2022-01-26 The Vaccine Mandate continues to be a Human Crisis worldwide. People do not want the temple of your body to be ran by Governments. Remember Jesus Christ mentioned the body being the Real Temple. A convoy of trucks is passing by the central part of Canada. The Truck convoy will be passing by in the next few days as it is said they will meet in Ottawa, Canada to question the current Justin Trudeau Government. It has been said that 150,000 trucks will be heading there from now to January 29, 2022. People are asking why the Government of Canada is enforcing the vaccine. In General, the Vaccine is being challenged by most people in Canada who refuse the vaccine. The vaccine is said to be a dna game changer to society. The cutdown to society by the elite. Restaurants in Canada are empty. Line ups in Canadian testing vaccine sites are also empty during the December and January 2022 media fed Omnicron.