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Fading Transparancy City Trend

Are Democratic Countries Becoming Less TransparentFriday 2017-11-10

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photo credit: Lisa Norwood via photopin cc

The world is moving in a more rapid pace than the citizens living in democratic countries believe. As Agenda 21 is quickly becoming more transparent to human beings around the world, it tunes in as well to the local political arena. Fading transparency, less transparency trend or lack of transparency trend is quickly spreading world wide in the local level. So Is Democracy becoming less transparent in the 21 st century as the push forAgenda 21 Order Trend .

Are Cities Disclosing Enough Information making them transparent Enough. The answer is no. Cities and politicians are disclosing less and less information to the public civilian.  But what is it that they do to become less and less transparent. Simple situations like not returning phone calls or always ha…