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Christian Family burned Alive after refusing to allow an Ortega Sniper on their homes's roof

Human Crisis Trend More about Nicaragua Latest News Human Crisis a Christian Nicaragua Family Burned Alive by Ortega Regime sent Sniper by Veronica Davis 10 am 2018-6-18 The Human Crisis continues in Nicaragua as their is no respect for human life anymore. A Christian Family dies after refusing snipers on their roof in provoked fire by Ortega regime . Two women, two men, and three children die on  Saturday June 16, 2018. The identified victims were Oscar Valesquez Pavon, his wife Maritza Lopez, son Alfredo Valesquez Lopez and his wife Mercedes Raudez, their children dead were Mathias and Daryeli. The children were three months old and five years old. God Bless these little angels. Christian Family Burned Alive in Nicaragua Perhaps there is more to this story where the seven murders had been a cover up by the Ortega Government. Watch the next video where a brother of the killed speaks how his family was shot first by the police than they threw a bomb and set their h

Red Water Trend Daldykan River Russia

   Strange Trend            Climate  Chaos          Red Water Trend       Poisonous Waters   Red Water Trend Daldykan River Russia  by Veronica Davis 2018-06-18 The Galapagos Island Volcano erupted yesterday and Japan has had a 6.1 magnitude earthquake are they related. The Daldykan River water in Norolsk Russia is turning red . But water turning red in Russia is not the first time. There has also been reports for the snow to be seen red in Russia in 2014 . Since 2013 people in the Arkhangelsk Region have been reporting the snow red. Scientist point the finger at one thing in 2018 but why has it taken over four years for the mysteries snow appearance and the scientist to come forward with some information. Is it because they are hiding something? Is it biblical because of the name "Ark Angel" attached to the region. Is it Celestial waters. Is the there was in the other Heavens? On January 31 2018 "Scientists explain the appearance of red snow in the