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Rumors of War: Rumors or Military Strategy?

Jesus Christ Gave Us Signs of His Coming  found in the Sacred Bible; signs of War in the Gospel of Matthew 24. also in the Gospel of Luke 21 as in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 13. Rumors of War: Rumors or Military Strategy? Thursday October 26 2017 6 pm Just yesterday, the United States continues to warn the world of its capabilities of heading to War with North Korea. In its latest news, the US to put nuclear bombers on 24 hour alert  for the first time since the Cold War. This comes after the President Trump made a cryptic vague statement "This is the calm before the Storm".."You will find out"..It is not just rumors of War internationally that the United States is facing, listen to the National threats of violence, hatred it is facing as a nation. Today, President Trump is also declaring a Nation State of Emergency under Federal Law, an epidemics on opiods. What Is Trump's "Calm Before The Storm"? by Alex Jones 133,890 views published O

Celestial Alignment Trend

MEGATRNDZ > News > Celestial Alignment Trend   The Constellation Alignment September 23, 2017    2017-09-23- 8:48 am  The complete astronomical alignment occurs on September 23, 2017 over Jerusalem. In the book of Revelation where the Apostle John one of Jesus Christ followers describes "a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head." The proponents of the Revelation 12 Sign say that the woman represents the constellation Virgo and the crown of twelve stars represents the nine stars of the constellation Leo in conjunction with Mercury, Mars, and Venus. The moon appears to be under the "feet" of the constellation Virgo in September 2017 and the sun will be passing through the constellation, which they say is what is meant by the woman being "clothed with the sun".[4] The second verse of the twelfth chapter of John's Vision goes on to say that the woman "was pregnant