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Transitioning into a Butterfly or is it a Trend? Part 1

  Transitioning into a Butterfly or is it a Trend? Part 1 Something strange is happening in the educational system. Principals are being hired to manipulate society. Treat kids like they are victims and aggressors as the winners. The minority wants to rule in this society. Fifteen children controlling the whole school at Utah, seems bizarre well not really when the principal is behind this weird satanic agenda. But in a middle school in Utah kids are taking control of the abuse they are putting up with, from the principal engaging in belittling kids. That is the story of many children who walked out several days ago, to gain rights and stop the abuse from the educational system. Watch the video below before it is deleted, kids bitten and sprayed on by kids their age. From kids called "furries", dress as furry animals behaving like animals and being permitted by the principal whose daughter is a furry. Must have  a litter box or else you will be sued by the parents. However, t