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#NewYearsResolutions Trend

10 Day Trend    Q files Trend         Blackout Trend    Weather Warfare Trend  Biological Weather Warfare Trend   Chem trail Trend     Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend     Weather Manipulation Trend         Account Suspension Trend     #NewYearsResolutions Trend by Veronica Davis 2017-12-30 1:41 pm On top of a mountain in Galilee, Our Lord Jesus Christ tells the multitudes found in Gospel of Matthew 5:48 , "Therefore, you shall be perfect, just as your Father in Heaven is perfect"  In those precious words Our Celestial Father, God told us that we are as perfect as in his image ...perfect. A master piece in his image. Trying to make a New Year Resolution is  the most ridiculous thing when I look back now.  I grew up hearing about it in magazines. Loosing weight, making more friends, waking up early. Anything and everything to show your own imperfections. Every year I tried it out. Only to find out it was a huge disappointment rather than an enjoyme