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Climate Chaos Trend Jan Feb 2019

Climate Chaos Trend          Sinkhole Trend    Mudslides Trend     Severe Flood Trend     Fires Trend      Fireball Trend      Firenado Trend  Tornado Trend    Ice Age       Weather Warfare Trend  Biological Weather Warfare Trend   Chem trail Trend     Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend     Weather Manipulation Trend       Climate Chaos Trend Jan Feb 2019 part 1   2019-02-22 #mudslide #sinkholes #floods #severerain #storm #floodchile #climatechange  Sinkhole Feb 9, 2019 Babadan Indonesia opens up near bridge. Feb 9, 2019 Iquique Chile after the severe rain. Landslide and Mudslide On Sunday Feb 3, 2019 Sucre , Bolivia Video: Mudslide sweeps people away after days of heavy rain A number of people trying to cross a mountain pass in the area of Sucre, #Bolivia , were swept away by a sudden mudslide on Sunday. #mudslide #landslide — On The News Line (@OnTheNewsLine) February 5, 2019 Feb 13 2019 Chama, Ramban, India Drama