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Planet Tilt Trend

The Earth is Quietly Tilting  The Planet Tilt trend is becoming a fact accepted by most media. Some of the causes are due to the Planet 9. As a result  the tropic of cancer has been more closely monitored and since 2011 a public keeping records has slowly disappered . As the evidence of the Earth tilting become more of a strong proof than a weaker one. One place that has kept a close eye of just how much the tropic of cancer has changed is in Mexico.The tropic of cancer in Mexico is being marked from 2005 and each year it seems to be moving. It is happening all around the world. While Mexican authorities were keeping track of the North of the Equator line, the Indigenous people are among the first  too say that the Earth's Sun is no longer rising where it use to. As denoted in the 2014 article "Earth Has Shifted" - Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA And The World" that the Earth has shifted. Gathering Proof is simply put but what is causing the Earth to shift