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Unam Sanctam a Term from the NWO

 Unam Sanctam a Term from the NWO  2021-03-30     What happened in the Book of John Ancient Book of   Revelation 12:4 Jesus said the Dark will be revealed by the Light. For this past few days, Birth Certificate has been a question in my mind. I mentioned before how it was once stated that the famous actor that started Hollywood Chaplin did not own a birth certificate. There is a lot that one can suspect in this time and age when one does not own a birth certificate. Sounds Unfamiliar.  A few articles back I mentioned how Tim Hortons employee once asked me for my ID. Well it seems an ID may be something more in this time and age when there is a pandemic. Take for example, the famous AI that is trying to recognize you from photo iD attached to your passport or drivers license. The Truth is, many people around the world do not own a picture ID, and those are the ones Jesus Christ called the Blessed. The blessed are the poor, Jesus Christ said. In  third world countries the problem with th