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Strange Unexplained Trends Nano World, Chemtrails Spiders Falling From the Sky

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Nano World Chemtrails Brazilian Spiders Falling From the Sky by Veronica Davis 2019-01-25
Just about a week ago there was another invasion of Brazilian Spiders appearing from nowhere. If you are in the United States there is claims that polluting the environment with harmful chemicals, is exactly what is causing the spider webs.  Yeap they are trying to building the web for us to enter the 5G World.

Author David Icke and investigative journalist aplanetfortruth youtube channel have reported the strange chemical world we are living in today. With over 20,000 satellites ready to invade our skies in the next few years. They first have to prepare the lower half of the skies with toxic chemicals that wil…

Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend Fiji

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 Climate Change Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend  Volcano Trend  Hurricane Trend   Fireball Trend     Meteor Trend  Asteroid Trend

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Strange Unexplained Trend: Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend Fijiby Veronica Davis Wednesday  2018-10-10

Shortly before the deep 579 earthquake depth trend occurred there were two 10 km depth earthquakes.
This may be significant number to watch for as those numbers may be triggering more.

Wednesday October 10 2018, 11:11:03 UTC 6 hours ago 162km SSW of Ndoi Island, Fiji 4.6 579.9

10 km depth trend

Wednesday October 10 2018, 10:28:04 UTC6 hours ago44km ENE of Prome, Burma5.110.0

Wednesday October 10 2018, 09:43:12 UTC7 hours ago33k…