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London Fashion Week Ban Fur Petition

London Fashion Week Ban Fur Petition  September 19, 2017 FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS On September 16, 2017, we saw what happened outside of the Burberry Fashion Show this week at London Fashion Week. Now Banning Fur has become a public outcry demanding change to the London's British Fashion Council. One person to demand change and start a petition is co-founder of Surge Activism  Ed Winters . Below is a  petition  pleading to the British Fashion Council Ban Fur. Also watch the youtube video of Lucy Watson already hitting over a million hits. Surge activism website   mission is:  to create a world where compassion towards non-human animals is the norm. Our aim is to spread awareness, educate the public and assert a peaceful stance against animal exploitation. Surge approaches animal rights activism through well-orchestrated demonstrations, outreach events, stunts, films and online campaigns with a focus on positive community building. So happy to see how ma