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fallo del reservorio houston

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Etiquetas  COMPARTIR, ciudad de Richmond, evacuación de fin prohibida de orden de entrada de Texas

El fracaso embalses en Houston! 2019-08-29 updated 9:50 pm English Version

A quién seguir en twitter para reportes inmediatos completos en el área de Houston


Así, mientras que el siguiente tuiteó , a 16:41 los informes de los medios de comunicación informaron WFAA todo lo contrario y por lomenos 774 vistas por 22:34 hora central. Ver más abajo vídeo titulado barrios inundados por el embalse Addicks tanto del 29 de agosto, 2017
Addicks and Barker dams have NOT breached! — HCFCD (@hcfcd) August 29, 2017
August 29, 2017 Lista Actualizada de Vecindarios que serán afectados por los 59 pies de inundación est…

Evacuation Get out now!

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Emergency Evacuation Get Out Now!
Get Out Now Reports

Requests of neighbours helping neighbours,

2017-08-29 10:30 am Updated 1:00 pm

Two Rivers Record Cresting since 1995

Trinity River has crested new record

Texas Gov. Deploys All 12,000 Members of Texas National Guard. #NationalGuard #Texas

 12,000 national texas guards are just being set out as of August 29, 2017 12:15 pm national coverage watch krgv Texas National Guard Activated news report video link
Breaking News: Urgent Get out Now Reports10:00 AM (Urgent) #Breaking: Levee at Columbia Lakes in Brazoria Co. Get out now!
Around Cedar Bayoo water coming quickly Get out 10

Just 2 hours ago at around 11:25am central time the brazoria county puts out a tweet — Brazoria County (@BrazoriaCounty) August 29, 2017
Everything is overwhelming and one rescue after another are the reports on August 29, 2017
So it seems that the…

hurricane trends

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Hurricane Harvey Danger Far From Over
August 26, 2017

A little Dark! Probably not what you want to hear , but according to an ABC report, a Mayor has warned non evacuating resident to mark their social security number on their bodies.

Horrible! Mayor says not evacuating put Social Security numbers on arms - ABC News - via @ABC — (@megatrndz) August 26, 2017
Has anyone reported seeing the Grey Hat Man or Hurricane Guardian Angel watch Netflix America's Supernatural 2013 Series, Season 1 Episode, called Haunted Hurricane 

Watch power CBS New York Reports of Hurricane Harvey Continues to Pound Southeast Texas.
Kyle Island, Texas Residents are being asked to be cautious for Flooding from Oasis River by Tuesday. Downgraded to a Cat 1, San Antonio now has rain however not in the eye of the storm.

Hurricane Harvey Continues to Pound Southeast Texas
125 mi…