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The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 600 years

 Celestial Trend    Blood Moon Cryptocurrency Trend Human Crisis Trend   Bioweapon Trend   Chemtrail Trend Biological warfare Trend   Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend  Bioterrorism           Bioengineering The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 600 years by Veronica Davis 2021-11-19  #supermoon #bloodmoon  (2021-11-19) Did you know that the longest lunar partial eclipse is happening at dawn on November 19, 2021. What is also unique is that during this full moon the color will look red, also called a blood moon. This is also the first eclipse in the eclipse season. If God Almighty is not telling us something today then I do not know who is? Today is not only November 19, 2021 with the numbers 1 and 9 being the emergency numbers worldwide; we are also experiencing the longest full partial eclipse moon in over 600 years.  In the central part of Canada, such as in Winnipeg the Moon began to make its glory at around 4:30 pm central time with its marvelous look. I was mesmerized by

Hear from World Blockchain Summit Experts speak of Defi

Cryptocurrency Trend Hear from World Blockchain Summit Experts speak of Defi by Veronica Davis Thursday 2021-11-12 Updated 2021-11-18 When does Open Finance meet DeFi ? Well if you do not what the word DeFi means than it is important to know that first. This October I attended the  World Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai and there were many strange words used on stage almost sounding like acronyms. The fact is that many of the words used were mostly invented by the techno people. So not really that much of a foreign language.  You may have already come across that word reading online and perhaps paid little or no attention to it  such as DeFi. So if you do do not know what  'De', stand for than  'DeFi' will make no sense. The word DeFi is mostly used by the originators of technology. Because we are living in the Crypto world than words like Defi will be among many other crypto words used today. World Blockchain Summit Dubai  Panel Discussion October 12,2021 'De' m