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Human Crisis Trend: Who are the Children of Light and Children of Darkness?

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Who are the Children of Light and Children of Darkness? 6/11/2020

Secrets and lies has been something Jesus Christ warned us all about over two thousand years ago. Is it finally coming into fruition? Deep Dark secrets, Deep state and Secret Societies like the Masonic Temple.

In an amazing Donald Trump tweet stating the astonishing secret by Vigano. The President of the United States is not keeping quiet and neither is Vigano. There is a plot behind the Global Pandemic and ties with the Floyd Rioting. This is no news to the people who have been following Megatrndz. Because Multimillionaires are all behind it.  The George Soros followers and the Tech Giants Bill Gates.

In the June 7 2020  letter written by Archbishop Vigano it states:

They are subservient to the deep state, to globalism, to aligned thought to the New World Order which they invoke ever more frequently in the name of the universal brotherhood which has nothing Chr…

Strange Animal Behavior Penguins outside of Ocean into the Streets

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Strange Animal Behavior Trend: Feral Pigs eating anything Penguins outside of Ocean into the Streets 5/1/2020

In the past decade in North America, and in Europe such as in England wolves, coyotes and foxes have been invading and living among the people. But this March and April animals are getting away from their normal habitat and have been doing strange things such as penguins out in the street of South Africa. Are the animals looking for food? Are the wild animals leaving their natural habitat because something or someone driving them away? Or is it something more?  Are the animals being targeted with weather manipulation trend?  Speaking of wars and rumors of wars?  Wars are started in the jungles, in the mountains? Causing fear with wildfires, silk hole trends, and other natural based disasters. Wildfires are becoming a trend as Rain…

Human Crisis Trend Food Shortage Crisis Meat Closure Trend Food Dumping Trend Food Line ups State of Emergency Jail Trend

Trends while Global Pandemic 2020

Human Crisis TrendFood Shortage CrisisMeat Closure TrendFood Dumping TrendFood Line upsState of Emergency Jail Trend   

5/1/2020 Total Confirmed Covid-19 cases  6:32 AM 3,274,747

Not sure this picture is for the ducks to read or for the humans but regardless in Canada pictures mean more than words. Perhaps it has to do with multiculturalism in case you do not speak the word language of Canada.

Worldwide Trends El Salvador, Peru, US, Canada, Brazil, Sweden

Covid-19 State of Emergency Jail Trend 

 El Salvador and Peru

While some pictures can be humorous others send chills. Yeshua Jesus Christ called his generation perverse. Is society making slaves or are the pagans and the sinners enslaving themselves? Who fathered this people? Who made them that way? Did they make themselves that way? The lost society? The lack of  Jesus Christ. Was it a lack of leadership? Who are we to judge, treat those the way you want to be treated. The sacred ancient scriptures tau…