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New Book on its way Know Crypto Talk before you Invest

Crypto Trend  New Book on its way Know Crypto Talk Before You Invest Veronica Davis 2021-10-27 #crytocurrency #defi #wbsdubai $ETH $BTC The Digital World of Money has been shifting years ago. You may have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The covid-19 pandemic has not put the digital world asleep. In fact, the pandemic pushed the digital currencies around the World to a new direction where many made millions from  cryptocurrencies investment. So being at home during a pandemic paid off for many. The Digital currency first took off in 2012 from its home base as Bitcoin $bitcoin being a digitally American Crypto currency and Ethereum $ethereum being a Canadian digital currency.   If you do not know what the World crypto currency is all about, you may have noticed the tone of this blog has changed. That is because I am currently working on my next book about my experience and trip to a far away land in the UAE in Dubai. How my involvement with the crypto currency world came not as m