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Massive Solar Storm. Monday March 28 th

Massive Solar Storm ad early as 6 am Monday 28 2022.  Could it bring the internet down?  It is expected to be as massive as bringing internet down. GPS vould be down Canada is most vulnerable. In March 1989 there was a great power grid down in Quebec. Volcanoes and earthquakes activity can increase during Solar Storms. As of Monday March 28 2022 5 am volcanic activity and earthquakes has increased.

Solar Storms Should Canada Worry about the Extreme Heat and Sun Radiation

Celestial Trend    Asteroid Trend     Sink Hole Trend     Sonic Boom Trend    Fireball Trend       MysteriousTrend       Earth Cracks Trend          Animal Deaths Trend  Mysterious Trends     Celestial Event Trend    Fireballs Trend   Mysterious Booms Solar Trend      Solar Flare Trend           CME Trend     Geomagnetic Storm Trend   Solar Storms Should Canada Worry about the Extreme Heat and Sun Radiation  by Veronica Davis 2018-07-11  #heatwave  #heatwaveLA #heatwaveuk #heatwavecanada #Satellites #DEWs #EMR #HAARP #5G #Chemtrails #WeatherWarfare #GeoEngineering #Depopulation The defenses has fallen and what kept the Artic Poler Vortex is eroding Dangerous Sun Record Numbers of Human Deaths, Melting Roads Canada Australia  Two Solar Storms have been expected to reach the Earth on July 9 , 2018. The Sun has been angry enough to take the lives of over 70 deaths in Canadian Province of Quebec.  We can blame the Sun for the 34 deaths in Montreal