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Solar Flares Trend

Dangerous Atmospheric Conditions  2017-09-27 10:30 pm There it is again reporters reporting dangerous situations as Stunning. Asteroid coming really close is called Asteroid 2012 tc4. Just a few days ago, a huge fireball was seen in Arizona.  beautiful or dangerous — (@megatrndz) September 28, 2017 So in an article by, it indicates that giant meteorite impacts have triggered earth's subduction events in the past. "Our results indicate that giant meteorite impacts in the past could have triggered events where the solid outer section of the Earth sinks into the deeper mantle at ocean trenches – a process known as subduction. This would have effectively recycled large portions of the Earth's surface, drastically changing the geography of the planet," explained lead author Associate Professor Craig O'Neill from Macquarie University. Read more at:

Fashion Week Milan

MEGATRNDZ > News > Fashion News> Fashion Week Milan New , Eco Fashion Week Aus Nov 2017  Milan the Greenest Fashion City in the World  2017-09-27- 4:00 pm  #ecofriendly #sustainable #greenfw #begreen #GFW #eco #ecofashion #consciousfashion #green #ecostyle #gogreen #organicluxury #sustainable #greenplanet #earthfriendly #design #nature #ethicalfashion #slowfashion #majormodels #moda #organic How is Milan becoming the Greenest Fashion City in the World. For one, it has named the color being Green during Milan Fashion Week. Not only does Milan recognize the color as important, Well known name brands and designers have been awarded at the Green Carpet Awards where the focus is sustainability .   Peta Leather is Dead Worldwide Campain !    2017-09-27- 3:00 pm  #leatherisdead #petauk #peta An anti leather protest campaign has been all over the world. With staging protest in London Fashion Week's premier than Milan Fashion Week. Peta made a bold sta