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Marine Protected Area Trend

MEGATRNDZ > News >  MAPS the World's Largest Marine Protected Area  MAPS the World's Largest Marine Protected Area    2017-09-22- 4:56 pm update 9:00 pm #getinvolved #climatechange #climateweek #unga  #cleanupoceans #saveoceanlife #worldoceansday #arcticocean #marineconservation #waterpollution #giantbergA-68 It is an urgent call and a crisis the melting of the north pole icebergs. Imagine a sanctuary where this is no seismic activity or commercial control and where marine life can roam and live freely and breath clean fresh waters like in the time of God's first Creation. About Parvati, and MAPS: Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Is it possible. And how can you contribute to allow this beautiful creatures like sea lions, penguins, polar bears, whales, dolphins and other marine life to roam zenful. Just think of one simple word, MAPS. joins MAPS marine artic peace sanctuary MAPS stands for the Marine A