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The BreakThrough Trend Seeing in the Dark Says the Lord Revelation 21

The Breakthrough Trend       The Testimony Trend      The Artificial Intelligence   Exposing The Wrong Setup Trend       The Ceasefire Trend The BreakThrough Trend : Rise Up The Testimony Trend and The Wrong Set Up Trend Ezekiel 38 Russian-Turkish-Iranian- Alliance The Testimony Trend Continues God is Communicating what he is about to do?   2017-12-05  DECODING THE MESSAGES OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY THIS WEEKEND DEC 1-3, 2017 THE LORD YASHUA ALMIGHTY IS COMING THE NEW JERUSALEM #themegatrndzshow #grace  #love #yashua #jesuslovesme #mytestimony #jerusalem #thenewjerusalem The BreakThrough Revelation Trend Continues Alot happened this weeked folks as the Lord Almighty Yashua wants to contact all of us in messages as THE BREAKTHROUGH SEASON. With Rainbows showing up brighter than ever and Spectacular  Unusual Never Before Phenomenan Sun Dogs seen in the skies of Europe. DEC 4, 2017: Spectacular Sun halo display, with a 22° halo, parhelic circle, sundogs and a tangent arc a