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Yellowstone Super volcano Alarm Threat

The Yellowstone Super Volcano soon to erupt before the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. It is not surprising if this super volcano erupts . Massive fires have been occurring and threatening the West Coast . In the past two weeks why is the Government of Canada sending troops to the region, not seen since decades ago. Several Years ago the Mexican Firefighters came to all the way from Mexico to help Canada's  critical danger, but not its own military.  The ground is heating up and the warnings are there. Has there been any true news where and why the fires started during rainy season???? One billion people in danger from Molten Carbon erupting at the Yellowstone Park. July 30, 2017 at 8 PM BST (3 PM ET): Old Faithful, Yellowstone Park Scheduled Eruption ALARM: Yellowstone To Blow. Huge Molten Carbon Well to Blow... without Warning!

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Event of the Century

The World is Heading the Wrong Direction Not Time to Worship the Sun "How our Military Defends Our Country" Government Has the Right to Shut Down Businesses School Closures The World is Heading the Wrong Direction It is July 30 th,  2017 and this is the third post about the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. I have in the past month focused on writing about the Solar Eclipse because it is being called the event of the Century in the Americas.  I also made a short video below, where i recommend people not to travel and stay at home. There are many reasons why people are being advised to travel a day or two in advance to prevent congestion in the United States. Also, there are numerous festivals celebrating the Solar Eclipse. Is Anyone asking themselves what are they celebrating? Perhaps a potential Disaster? Sounds Weird, Right?   Not Time to Worship the Sun The World is heading in the wrong direction. Many are gathering around to see t

Canada Games 50th Begins July 29 - August 14 2017

Winnipeg Hosts Canada G ames 50th Begins July 28 - August 14 2017 Justin Trudeau  appearing on the Cover of August 2017 Rolling Stone Cover Let the Games Begin With the Humidex  at +38 C on Friday July 28, Winnipeg remains to be in a heat wave as yesterday's the Canadian 50th Games kicked off at the MTS Iceplex. On Saturday, two great Canadian leaders Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister have met Saturday morning to discuss their various opposing issues of health care and carbon reduction strategy as reported in Cbc's website entitled "Trudeau, Pallister shake hands ahead of meeting at Winnipeg hotel" . Hopefully this meeting will not bring higher taxes for Winnipegers. Canada Games 2017- National Anthem, Winnipeg, Manitoba History of Canada Games One time in the Summer and one time in the Winter are the celebrations of the Canada Games started 50 years ago, in 1967 in Quebec City. The first game was the winter game

Gas Leakage Disaster

Gas Leak a New Major Problem Breaking News, in Boston major gas leak has created a major evacuation in the Cambridge Area. As reported by CBS Boston 5,000 evacuated. Could this be the beginning of the disasters to come. We will be praying for the people near that area. However, Gas leak could be associated with the ground heating up . The ground is getting hotter and the sun  could be the cause. Could this be the beginning of major problems world wide. We see it in the movies? Pipes erupting? Will the world receive its notifications or will the world be left in the dark? 5, 000 Evacuated After Major Natural Gas Leak in Cambridge Special Report: Major Natural Gas Leak Forces Evacuation in Cambridge

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Updated: Newest July 30, 2017 entitled   "Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Event of the Century " . Watch video below "Event of the Century Solar Eclipse" by Megatrndz Updated: New July 22, 2017 entitled "Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017  " . Watch video below "Event of the Century Solar Eclipse" by Megatrndz Continue reading below  Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Yellowstone Supervolcano and New Madrid Fault Zone Precaution Courtesy of NASA  Don't forget to subscribe to Facebook , Twitter , or Google Plus to be informed of the latest trend being spoken about around the world, discussing Genuine News NASA has a great information about the August 21, 2017 Total Solar eclipse : The lunar shadow enters the United States near Lincoln City, Oregon, at 9:05 a.m. PDT. Totality begins in the United States in Lincoln City, Oregon, at 10:16 a.m. PDT. The total eclipse will end in Charleston, South Carolina, a

Ban Minecraft Sexual Content

According to Christine Miles reporting for Church Militant on July 17, 2017  has brought the attention to internet viewers a very important warning of what is happening on the Youtube content . Children are having access to view sexual content on Youtube.  It is a warning to Parents that cannot be vigilant 24 hours to their children's access to Youtube. In this week report Christine Miles states that: Graphic games for pornographic video games are being made available on a popular children's video game site, steam the distributor for minecraft series is offering games that feature violence profanity, nudity,  and graphic sex acts trailers for the game are full of explicit words and show nearly naked women. Watch full report at 2:17 minutes below. Headlines—July 17, 2017 by Church Militant Links to view


Updated: Newest July 30, 2017 entitled   "Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Event of the Century " . Watch video below "Event of the Century Solar Eclipse" by Megatrndz Updated: New July 22, 2017 entitled "Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017  " . Watch video below "Event of the Century Solar Eclipse" by Megatrndz Continue reading below  Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquakes are striking on a regular basis now but Yellowstone which is a very important Supervolcano that has got international attention from the Internet viewers such as Coast to Coast AM George Noory, Paul Begley, Hagmann Report, Daboo77, Steve Quayle, TruNews, and The Leak Project. Why these researchers and journalists have been making so much noise about this volcano located in Montana, is because of its potential damage it could cause. Because there are only 10 super volcanoes around the world and one of them is like a ticking bomb. The Yellowstone super volca

Saints Maria Goretti

July 6. 1902 St. Maria Goretti As a Saint she represents purity, youth , young Women,  rape victims. Maria Goretti was born on  October 16 1890, On July 6, 1902 marks the date of her death. Her feast day is July 6. On April 27,1947  Maria Goretti was beautified by Pope Pious 12 . In June 24, 1950 she was canonized. To be beautified means to : Beatification (from Latin beatus, "blessed" \and facere, "to make") is a recognition accorded by the Catholic Church of a dead person's entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name. As a young women, Maria Goretti was a victim of rape and abuse by an 18 year old kid. One day Little Maria Goretti while sewing alone in her door step , she was approached by Alessandro. She fought back and yelled that she would prefer to die than submit to him. She cried out that rape was a sin. While she fought back, She was stabbed 11 times. Maria Goretti was able to forgive

Rose Hip A Wild Food Edible Plant

Rose Hip A Wild Food Edible Plant Philosophy of  Life Believe it or not some of our plants we ignore and consider wild are super foods. Just remember what came first wilderness or the food market.  I thought I would include wild edible foods into the website because it is a spreadable talking trend. So make sure to spread the word of good health. Remember knowledge is power and the more we inform ourselves we become more blessed and enriched. These incredible plant is full of nutrients, vitamins, calcium, iron and minerals. Rose hips have been found to have 50% more vitamin C than Oranges. The Rose Hip is an edible food, found in North American. In Canada, the Wild Roses can be found in the wilderness where they flourish on their own.  Depending on the environment, they will thrive easily if they get the proper survival mechanism. Most wild roses love not too much Sun and a lot of Water. These wild edible plant grow in bushes and can reach up to 6 to 7 feet high. A single

states collapsing trend

RATED JUNK? Can a Country run without budget? Can a State government run without budget?  What happens when a State has a 15 billion dollar of unpaid billls? Read on what happens to  a state when it can no longer pay its debt.  In the United States, whole States are not doing well in terms of this new fiscal year. As is being a reported and trending online, the State is heading into a third straight fiscal year without budget. Illinois's General Home debt is being called "Rated Junk " . By the government rating it a "junk state" it means a state's bonds will become more expensive to sell. Illinois State Controller, Suzana Mendosa stated : the States unprecedented fiscal crisis is quickly taking a dangerous turn...Two things are set to happen on Friday. Number one the states fiscal year will end. and the governor and the legislator need to agree on a budget at the end of Friday... Watch  videos listed below to learn more about Illinois and

Healthy Smoothies Trend

Having a healthy smoothie is awesome. Mix great healthy nutritional ingredients to add on those healthy years. Greens are the best of those ingredients loaded with antioxidants. Kale, Spinach and Broccoli. Smoothie bars are bombarding the food courts and healthy is the new craze! But why pay $8.00 to $10.00 for a drink that you can make at home yourself. Just simply make sure you keep those ingredients in your fridge. Freeze most ingredients to add texture to your smoothie. Here is a great smoothie recipe 1/2 portion of Water 1/2 portion of Milk 1 leaf of Kale 1 frozen ripe Banana 5 Baby Carrots teaspoon of Cinnamon 5 tablespoons of syrup Below you will find some proven benefits and facts of why the above smoothie ingredients are healthy. Proven Benefits of Kale Kale best source of Vitamin K. Kale has 4.5 higher Vitamin C than Spinach. Vitamin K is critical for Blood Clotting. Cancer Fighting items in Kale. Kale has sulforaphane and substance that prevent