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Transhumanist Agenda

  Where are we today with the Transhumanist Agenda Monday 6/20/22 Trends: extinction event    transhumanism     GMO   Bioweapons   What is a trans-humanist agenda? If you thought those words sound like a human transferring themselves into something other than human; you may be on the right track. Why does it sound so important to understand now is only because the agenda has existed for a long time but humanity is entering into that phase. One doctor that is openly speaking about the transhumanist agenda and Dr. Judy Makovits. Dr. Judy Makovits explains  bioweapons, gmo, and how we are living in an extermination event. Every polio vaccines is grown in viro monkey kidney cells for 40 years the virus sequence the blue print has been there our who life of course they know when they are going to scare you with plandemic 2 in your event 202 instead of event 202, she says. (7:30 min) In an interview Dr. Judy Makovits responds to the June 1 2022 conference of WHO. When the WHO organisation D