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Texas, Guatemala Police Preaching the Word of God declaring "Nothing is Impossi...

Holy Week  Friday Passion of the Lord Readings Is 52:13 Heb 4:14 5:7 Jn 18:1 Fasting Please support this website by purchasing recent ebook series for small amount of 5.55.  I have collected a series of  scriptures straight from the Bible. I point out small details significant to God Almighty. You will learn Jewish and Greek. Go Texas, Guatemala Police Preaching the Word of God  during Global Crisis Veronica Davis 4/10/2020 Leer en Espanol We are in Holy Week today it is Good Friday. Thousands of years ago Yahweh God of Israel prepared the Israelite for passing over death. Yahweh sent his Angel to Egypt to judge the Nation. Around the World, this Passover is particular is under the Blood Full Moon and we are under a Global Pandemic. Many people are suffering or minutes away from dying. Many people are food shortage and without shelter so together God Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ taught us to pray for