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Gulf of Aden Vortex

share with everyone  join megatrndz at google+ The Gulf of Aden Vortex Trend The Gulf of Aden Vortex has been under scrutiny for several years now. It is believed that in this historical and biblical area is a stargate with paranormal activity. On December 7, 2010, Wikileaks a Global Intelligence Files database reported the following article called Mysterious "Vortex" warned is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe: A bizzare report ..... a "mysterious magnetic vortex" currently centered in the Gulf of Aden...and China to shut it down, or even to ascentain its exact origin or "cause for being". The article is not clear of what exactly wether or not it is some kind of device or machine that the article is referring to "shut it down". It almost sounds like it is a machine like that of Cern or perhaps like HAARP. With that being said one can speculate that a machine like CERN has been in operations before the article had been

The Reigning Trend

Fashion It is such a blossoming and glamorous trend that refuses to leave the fashion minds of fashion designers around the world, the reigning trend. The reigning trend is present in the haute couture Parisian runaways this fall and winter 2015/ 2016.  Valentino Haute Couture fall and winter 2015, 2016 is among one of this designers inspiring the reigning trend. TV shows like The Tudors, Reign, The White Queen, have also inspired the reigning trend fashion. Whether it is feeling whimsical or reigning like a queen it involves beauty, power and grace. Society is looking into the past and wanting to relive a time where the king's and queen's ruled the world. Perhaps they still do and fashion has become overtime more simplistic. But it is a moment in time so magical and enchanting perhaps over decades to come we will see fashion looking like the past. Fashion, where the haute couture of today, will become the normal. A place where what we wear will bec

Cern Trend

Join in the conversation join google + follow Megatrndz The Cern Trend  The Day of Atonement or Judgement Day, Yom Kippur, Day of Abaddan, Apollyion, Appolyon and Appolion ( Greek) ,  the Abyss all trends believed to take place on the September 23, 2015. Appollo a greek of death and pestelance as well as the Sun, Revelation 9:11, the king of Locust or grasshoppers described on Revelation 9:3-10, The sounding of the fifth trumpet in heaven. The trend is correlated with the Cern Collider. Cern is a mega machine that has been connected to opening up hell or a mega pit. Cern is a mega machine that has been around since 1954.   Location of CERN Collider Wikipedia defines CERN as the European Organization for Nuclear Research. There are over 22 countries that have membership and agree to this mega machine being built underground. The LHC tunnel is located apparently 100 metres underground in Geneva Internation Airport and the nearby Jura mountains. Countries Involved


 World's Most Dynamic Glaciers Melts in Record Pace by Veronica Davis 2015 It looks like once again global warming is not just true but surprising everyone at an alarming rate. To all conspiracy theorists and doubters out there it is becoming an easier topic to debate. Almost a decade ago, there was a denial on earth's glaciers ever melting. Today, you can find hundreds of articles proving this theory wrong. It already is being reported that seventy percent of west Canada's Glaciers could be gone by 2100 , and if we make the calculations that is in 85 years from now. This would mean that our children will only be reading and viewing photos about what once was Glacier. Or perhaps becoming like an Atlantis. The world is breaking temperatures, take for example Summer  of July 2015, it is being the recorded as the hottest month ever according to NASA.Another theory of why the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate is to blame the underground hidden volcanoes . I

The Depopulation Trend

The Depopulation Trend Join in the conversation join google + follow Megatrndz "The reason for centralization of power may not be 100% clear" journalist and host of Youtube's Dark Journalists Channel introduces his latest August 20, 2015 topic on population control. A hot topic discussed all over the world. The Dark Journalist Channel post: In this special Dark Journalist episode he welcomes back the Best-Selling author of Population Control, Crossfire and Rule By Secrecy Jim Marrs for his third appearance on the show. Jim lays out the case in this deep interview that corporate overlords are employing methods of depopulation to fulfill their plan for dominating the world and creating a permanent slave class out of the citizens! JIM MARRS - DEPOPULATION JADE HELM GMO & GEOENGINEERING - DARK JOURNALIST The depopulation topic has been analyzed, criticized and made into several hot documentaries. The most recent documentaries are found on youtube and net

Trending Nibiru Planet X Nemesis

Updated Saturday August 22, 2015 Published on July 30, 2015 just a little over a month ago amazing new footage is found on the RealityNews Youtube Channel. In the filmed called   Planet X (Nibiru) and the soon coming pole shift  by RealityNews,  Bob Fletcher an  investigator connects politics, money, fraud, corruption and underground facilities with Planet X.  July 31, 2015 Planet X (Nibiru) and the soon coming pole shift  by RealityNews Published July 31, 2015 August 27, 2015 30,228 views Bob Fletcher recalls an American Politician from the Secretary of Defense named  Donald Rumsfeld . In September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld publicly announces trillions of dollars of money not found and missing from the Department of Defense Pentagon. There had also been speculation of the gold at fort knox vanished. Bob Fletcher  recalls in the 1990's, films of underground tunnels being built all over under the United States.  Th

u pic farms a popular trend home page It's just an Evolution Spread the word! Veronica Davis' megatrndz TRAVEL & ENTERTAINMENT > FARM TRENDS > U PICK > JULY U Pick Farms Growing Trend August 13, 2015 by Veronica Davis If you are in North America, I am sure you have heard of a hot growing trend to do for Summer . You may think that farming may not be your thing to get out and do. However you pick your own selection of fruit is becoming a hot trend. What exactly is that. It is growing in tourism. Wether you are a tourist or a new comer to Canada or finding something to do this summer a hot get out of things to do on your list is u pick style farms. It is a fun and healthy thing to do. Its like getting your own fruits at the grocery store. Back in the 1960'S it was unheard off. But the the late 1990's the farmers began offering the experience and it exploted. People were loving the u pic