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Q Trend: Q and the AI's Minions

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Q Trend: Q and the AI's Minions

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Monday April 16, 2018 How the Giants are taking our private information and using it as a business model to feed the Beast and the Futuristic One world  Artificial Intelligence. Well the AI would not exist unless the strings are pulled by Human Beings. Computers can not ran the world by itself. It must be stopped and it is up to pull the plug and stop feeding the monster. So Q, has connected the plug with the human beings running the circus. As more Q posts such as on April 16,2018 he drops a name Anne Wojcicki. 

Just who is Anne.

Q is showing the world whom the ring masters are.

How they are all family related and building the Spider's web.

Q enthusiasts  twitter feeds say more about Anne and how has to do with collecting our private information for the sake to fatten the Beast Belly.

But it is not just…