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Unam Sanctam a Term from the NWO

 Unam Sanctam a Term from the NWO  2021-03-30     What happened in the Book of John Ancient Book of   Revelation 12:4 Jesus said the Dark will be revealed by the Light. For this past few days, Birth Certificate has been a question in my mind. I mentioned before how it was once stated that the famous actor that started Hollywood Chaplin did not own a birth certificate. There is a lot that one can suspect in this time and age when one does not own a birth certificate. Sounds Unfamiliar.  A few articles back I mentioned how Tim Hortons employee once asked me for my ID. Well it seems an ID may be something more in this time and age when there is a pandemic. Take for example, the famous AI that is trying to recognize you from photo iD attached to your passport or drivers license. The Truth is, many people around the world do not own a picture ID, and those are the ones Jesus Christ called the Blessed. The blessed are the poor, Jesus Christ said. In  third world countries the problem with th

March Trends 2021

March 2021 Trends Human Crisis    Cancel Culture Trend    Retailers Closing Trend Climate Chaos Trend    Meteor Trend    Asteroid Trend    Fireball Trend     Volcano Eruption Trend  Health Benefits Trend   Retailers Closing Trend: The Hudson Bay 500 Store Closure 2021-03-25 Related Trends:  Retail Apocalypse    The Global Reset Trend     Cancel Culture Trend     If it is not the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic that is making the retail stores closure it is not so. The retail Apocalypse has been falling, it is almost as if the Great Reset happened more than a couple of years ago. The truth is that companies are no longer sustainable. And as Jesus Christ said not a stone will stand when he spoke of the Temple during his time alive. This also has plenti to say about companies that had have originally had their roots in North America.  It is almost as if the companies that were first established in Canada and th

Health Benefits Trend: Eating Healthy with Garlic, and Cilantro Cherry Tomato Wheat Pasta

March 2021 Trends   Celestial Trend      Human Crisis     Health Benefits Health Benefits Trend: Eating Healthy with Garlic, and Cilantro Cherry Tomato Wheat Pasta By Veronica Davis 2021-03-08 March is a great Month to shed off the weight gained in the Winter. Get out and do exercise. The Sun shining on your face always makes you smile. Eating Healthy comes by adding the secret ingredient. Continue the Health Benefits trend adding Garlic and Cilantro into your Healthy diet. Switch white flour products with grain based products.  Enjoy another one of my creations. Here is the next  recipe today with a simple ingredient like Garlic, Beans and Cilantro. To learn about the first recipe,  The White Bean Fiesta  Salad  click here .   Cooking time is 30 minutes. Serves 3 - 4 people. Served Cold or Hot. Cherry Tomato Wheat Pasta 3 cups of dry Wheat Pasta Broth ½ cup of chicken broth or water 3 tablespoons of flour 5 sp

Celestial Trend God Almighty Created the Seasons

March 2021 Trends   Celestial Trend      Human Crisis     Health Benefits Celestial Trend   How God Almighty Created the Seasons  Veronica Davis  2021-03-05 March is one of the most important Months of the year. It is a Month like a Great Awakening. The birth of many animals and the plants begin to blossom. I am not talking about the fake, ‘Great Reset’. It is kind of a cleansing of the Spirit.  The latin phrase  reflecting the Month of March. What an exciting Season for the animals that are looking for fresh water to drink from the melting waters. Several years ago, Megatrndz website used a latin phrase with a picture of a deer. This is taken from the Books of Psalms 42. As the deer pants for the water so my Soul pants for you, o God. My Soul thirst for God; for the living God. When shall I come and Appear before God? Psalms 42:2  The month of March in the Northern Hemisphere is like a purification of the Ear

Human Crisis Manitoba Doctor and Canadian Journalism Does Racial Profiling bring race war?

 Human Crisis Manitoba Doctor and Canadian Journalism Does Racial Profiling bring race war? by Veronica Davis 2021-03-02 One of the reasons there are racial wars come from racial profiling.  Kelly Geraldine Malone has recently written probably one of the worst articles entitled, 'Indigenous, Black, Filipino people disproportionately affected by COVID-19: report' . The article was written for The Canadian Press . Quickly the article was picked up by many other major article.: Global News, The Star and Microsoft  news platform. Labeling people for skin color is racist in itself.  Labels and categorizing people by race is racism. Labeling the latinos as brown and natives or chinese as yellow. That was not on the article but what was part of the article was the Manitoba report and opinion of  Manitoba studies Covid-19. Racial profiling is generational. Today  people are now more of all races so labeling people by their color is racism because it is an oxymoron. When you call people