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C'oup D'etat Trend : American Politics Smokescreen

C'oup D'etat Trend : American Politics Smokescreen by Veronica Davis  2018-04-12  Zuckerberg Empire, AI Agenda, Coup d'etat S3 Ep 1 18 04 12 2 57 03 PM #QAnon Pizza #Eipsteinisland #indictments part of the Megatrndz Show S3 Ep 2 What a busy and yet historical week  C'oup D'Etat Trend , AI Trend , QAnoN Trend, such as #EipstenIsland fire, Robert Mueller Arrests Trump's Lawyer and InfoWars Fights Counter lawsuits against Fakenews Washington DC The C'oup D'etat trend is a word trending all over social media as the Americans are not being fooled by fake news. It is first fair to take into consideration the events that have been unfolding this week. Zuckerberg Empire On Tuesday April 10, 2018 The smoke screen saga continues as CEO facebook ringleader and bewitching looks as he got interrogated by the American Political Arena.  As Mark Zuckerberg testifies in front of US Congress there was a certain sense of admiration a