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Would you buy Bill Gate's 40 million Supercow's Milk?

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Would you buy Bill Gate's 40 million Supercow's Milk?January 31, 2018 by Veronica Davis

Megatrndz Show Episode 11:lunar eclipse, volcanoes, blood moon, earthquakes ufosUFO SupermoonBill Gate's supercow, train crashed in Crozet, Virginia Coincidence or Deliberate

You have heard of Supermoon, Supersoldier Trendbut have you heard of Supercows or supermilk. And how good would a supercow's milk taste. Would you feed it to your children.

Super Cows
vaccines for livestock
method of artificial insemination

So why is Bill Gates so interested in donating 40 million into creating a supercow. According to an article written today :

 "A contribution of more than $ 40 million will be spent on the implementation of the super-corn project, which will combine the high produc…