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A Nightmare before the Catostrophe of Irma

MEGATRNDZ > News  > Weather > A Nightmare before the Catostrophe of Irma Imminent Power Outages in Ft.Myers as Historic Hurricane Irma Arrives No Shelter, No Electricity, On the Run   2017-09-10- 6:48 am updated 9:02 am  Please Share Live look from Ft. Myers as Hurricane Irma races toward Florida A nightmare or a catastrophe which is best? That was the option for some Floridians as  Irma decide to last minute shut her right eye for her left taking a northerly westward shift. Overcrowded shelters, stranded evacuees are some of the challenges facing Ft. Myers people. What a nightmare before the actual catastrophe. Are national guards really helping or are they simply giving orders to people in Florida.  By Saturday afternoon on Sept 9, 17 , people are being warned by National Guards that shelters are overbooked and now hours before the Storm is set to arrive. Travelers in vehicles have to sleep in cars overnight without power. The powergrid in Ft. Myers