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Censorship Trend What is Laura Lynn's Silence while She Finds Things in Life?

Human Crisis      Censorship Trend Censorship Trend 2020 What is Laura Lynn's Silence while She Finds Things in Life ? Veronica Davis 3/3/2020 Do you know where your children are all the time? Censorship has been the trend I have tried to avoid for many reasons. The first one lies with the truth, there are way too many victims. In an information age surge, exchanging information is our freedom. Jesus Christ told us there, to expose everything occult and hidden.  A few years ago, I was watching Laura Lynn at the 700 club Christian show. I often wondered where she went, why was she replaced from the show? Today I found out.  It is always the woman who love our children first because naturally God gave us that natural ability to give birth. But in this compelling story that Laura Lynn has brought to the surface there is much to think about. What would Yahweh Elohim Yeshua Jesus Christ Say? When I wrote this book, I thought of the title before I even knew the story behind it