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Could the Coronavirus spread like an Avalanche Pandemic

Climate Chaos: Hurricane Dorian steady off Fort Lauderdale Smashing Bahamas

Extinction Trend: Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soon

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Extinction Trend:  Will the Amazon Rainforest Disappear Soonby Veronica Davis
Rio de Janeiro's Day has been turned into Night as  the World's lungs are in critical danger. This sounds like a biblical prophecy.

20 percent of the world's oxygen is being extinct

A manmade catastrophe a blame of climate change?

(August 27 2019 10:00 central)  Forty thousand species affected and 10 percent of the world biodiversity could soon be part of historical books no longer part of a future exploration. Who is protection the Rainforests and forests around the World home of wildlife ? 
Weather warfare Trend

Weather Manipulation We all know what Forest fires brings Evacuations and then Emergency Declarations. It is like we are living a world of movement, displacement, homeless, and nationless people. In the last few years there were trends of the wild fires being caused by la…

Coping the Weather 2024 will be Climate Justice

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 #COP24 Could Mean More Than a Hashtag Again the Hidden Hand Dec 4, 2018by Veronica Davis @megatrndz  2018-12-04 6:00 pm
##Geoengineering #solargeoengineering #diamonddust #smartdust #smartagriculture 

They know
But do you?
As ironic as it seems COP24 is a trending hashtag about climate change. However there are theories and analysts that are suggesting that Climate justice will lead to policing and spying on those that do not believe in Climate Change. So with a hashtag with the name of cop 24 sounds a little more than just a hashtag but an actual reality that could happen in the year 2024 where climate justice will be everywhere.

All this week the "Hidden Hand" has been taken a theme at megatrndz. Because the clues are showing up right in your face.

"A man- made disa…