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Censorship Trend Legalizing the Lies Global Deception

Fashion Trend     Socio Economic Trend     Socio Political Trend     Censorship Trend       Bullying Trend       Mocking Trend       Peace Deal Talk Trend   Account Suspension Trend     Human Crisis Trend Censorship Trend Legalizing the Lies Global Pacts 2018-12-11 Who decides what hate speech means? Who decides the loopholes. One day the world will be hijacked by the Global Pagans and you will not even know it. Spread the word and Share what the Global Pact and Global deception is all about. Stop the madness. Stop the Lies. Google CEO Sundar Pichai

UN Global Compact Deception

Depopulation Control           Global Control Global Pacts Machivellian Agenda of Your Mind by Veronica Davis 2018-12-11 UN Global Compact Deception World Domination in the making by megatrndz While there are some for the Caravans there are others around the world that are not happy with what is going within their own backyard. Canada is signing the United Nations Agenda. However this is not a good thing for Canadians because if Canada Signs the Pact, then Canada is loosing nationalism.  It would allow international nations like the United Nations to control the Immigration policy of many countries. It is already doing this as it is promoting the Caravans in Central America. But many of the people whom are from the Caravan claim that they have been deceived. There are strong ties that the Caravans are being manipulated from the United Nations but they do not seem to be financially supporting the people. It is all part of the deception trend many are facing aroun