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April 29 2020 5:55 am Asteroid

Climate Chaos      Meteor Trend   Fireball Trend   Asteroid Trend     Mysterious Boom Trend Asteroids passing close by the Earth has been a trend for the past five years. Why? Because more than ever are passing pass by the Earth. So are we in danger? Some asteroids pass by and people are not aware of them until NASA writes about it. Asteroids pass over their anniversary date almost every year.  However if the Sacred Bible speaks of Asteroids then it is significant . An important trend one must keep  high on on our list of trends. So five asteroids will pass by today with three more passing tomorrow. The closest of the five asteroids passing is the Asteroid (2020 HJ6) 2020-Apr-29 01:00 ± < 00:01  . The most likely close approach distance from Earth center to NEO (Near Earth Object) center is 1.68 | 0.00432 1.68 | The lunar distance an au is 0.00432 16.51 16.47 26.7 12 m - 28 m. On May 1 five asteroids will pass by the Earth.   ht