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Mandela Effect

A New trend hitting the internet with researchers and documented videos of the Mandela Effect. If you have not heard of it it is a must to watch and keep the knowledge? What is the Mandela Effect?  It is all about the editing , the making changes? It is Effect that has been taking change for some time now in the marketing world. Not mispelling but Name changing?  What about editing the past and that is what the Mandela Effect is? It is alternating reality? Does this make sense? Right!..... Wrong! Nope it is not Dementia or Alzheiemer's or mispelled wording but the Mandela Effect ? Why Mandela? There has been proof and reports that Mandela had died in jail in the 1980's in the 1980"s ? So when Mandela came out of jail in the 1990's the inconsistency with this reports has brought light to why the Mandela Effect exists? Its speculations of why history is one way today and it is altered in the future. So pay attention now if you have not been paying attention t

Together 2016 Trend

Taking the Faith of Jesus Christ and Putting it Together to form over one million Christians for  July 16, July 17, July 18, 2016 with a hashtag Jesus changes everything  #jesuschangeseverything   The mission is to celebrate the gospel of  Jesus Christ infront of the Washington Square. Just who was Jesus Christ?  This three day event is non-stop entertainment from 9 am to 9 pm. See live footage     or  see video below. Pope Francis has invited everyone to come join in this event as seen in video below and published on Jun 23, 2016 "Find the One who can give you an answer to your restlessness." Pope Francis adds his voice to people from different backgrounds who invite you to the National Mall, July 16, for Together. To know more go to "Starting a movement of prayer", and  "a grounded in truth " says a speaker at Together 2016 on Saturday at 11:45 am on July 16, 2016. Mission is to create a Seven Day Scripture Reading Plan

Environmentalist Activists Celebrities Trend

July 4, 2016 Celebrities are taking action and creating environmental awareness on different issues affecting the planet today and around the world. It is an excellent mixture of money and power and cleaning up after the mess. A well recently documented film about fracking fight going global called " Dear President Obama" celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo take a stand to the streets of New York see and read more here . Another celebrity   seen in the film  walking through the streets of New York  is Leonardo DiCaprio. While it is not 100% sure that it is him under the hat, his conviction for being an environmental activist sustains. In 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio has begun his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation now moving on to its 2nd annual gala. While there are reports of Leonardo DiCaprio being a hollywood hypocrite or puppet nonetheless the fight for Earth Changes is here. The latest news media  entitled "LEO DICAPRIO INVITES A-LIST FRIENDS TO TAKE 6,000-MILE FLIGHT TO GL

Earth Cracks Trends

Earth Changes- Huge Crack Opens Up  It's the Earth changes that are occurring creating huge cracks. They are  unpreventable in some areas with huge sink holes and lakes disappearing overnight. Each Earth's changes has become one with inconsistent explanations. The Madrid Seismic Zone, The San Andreas Fault Line, now  its predicted that he next big 12.0 earthquake could be in the Jerusalem Quake Fault line. While the North American Fault lines are making a loud roar the sleepy giant of the middle east may be awakening according to the latest June 2016 investigators and reporters. An almost prophetic event may occur in our lifetime. The report discusses a great earthquake near Mount Olives around the Temple ( Dome of Rock ). The worst hit area will occur at Temple Mount. On Jun 22, 2016 one of the latest huge crack predictable to occur is being  reported on  “We know from historical records that at least twice in the last millennium along the enti