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Mercury Lines up with Venus and Uranus May 3, 2016 - Rare Celestial Events Trending

Rare Celestial Events Trending- May 2016 Mercury is in line with Venus and Uranus. According to Ditrianum, alignments of planets such as Venus, Mercury and Uranus increase earthquake activities: On May 3 at 00:56 UTC there will be a Sun-Venus-Uranus alignment which may still fuel some amplified resonance after the Mercury-Venus-Uranus alignment on May 1-2 which is the main contributor to increased seismic activity on those days. See also the p revious forecast. Transit of Mercu ry May 9, 2016 The Giant Planet Jupiter gets brightest As one wakes up in the beginning of May, expect to see the brightest star smiling at you. Straight up in the sky we are looking at  the giant planet  Jupiter .  We are on the lookout this month of May a spectacular rare event will occur on  May 9, 2016  called the Transit of Mercury across the Sun,  read it  Transit of Planets Trend . The moon will come close to Jupiter on  May 14, 2016. On May 3 at 00:56 UTC there will be a