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Massive Solar Storm. Monday March 28 th

Massive Solar Storm ad early as 6 am Monday 28 2022.  Could it bring the internet down?  It is expected to be as massive as bringing internet down. GPS vould be down Canada is most vulnerable. In March 1989 there was a great power grid down in Quebec. Volcanoes and earthquakes activity can increase during Solar Storms. As of Monday March 28 2022 5 am volcanic activity and earthquakes has increased.

Human Crisis Who do you believe?

Human Crisis Trend  Evacuation Trend       Black Out TrendDeception Trend Sunday March 6 2022 Ukraine time Day 11 Ukraine War Childen Targeted  #StopRussia international prayer day march 6 2022 pray for ukraine   Please pray to Jesus Christ for the deception to end. Lord Jesus Christ please give a tunnel of light of safety to the evacuees as you did to the Israelites as the fled the tyrant Egyptian Pharaoh. Bring a miracle. Humanitarian corridors is looking not safe.  Ukraine has been assulted gravely by Russians this is Sunday day 11. People are being shot cold blooded on streets of Ukraine  even in their homes. Humanitarian corridors were negotiated, however; it never worked as their promise was broken a day ago by Russian assault. Children are dying, people without weapons becoming martyrs. Putin has said he will do public executions. Ofcourse once social media blocks the insanity of this world we will be in a blackout. Ukranians have reported crimes up as looting, bank

Human Crisis: Ash Wednesday Day of Fasting Ukrainians at War

Human Crisis: Ash Wednesday as Ukrainian Fighting in their Land is Day 8 Wednesday March 2 2022 10 pm Thursday Mar 3 2022 6 am Day 8 Ukraine Russia War Today is Ash Wednesday. Ashes from Palm Sunday last year are burnt. First day of Lent.  Fasting ending at sun set hours. A special meal is Eaten and repentence is made. People stay at home and quietly pray and tslk to God Almighty. March 6 is worldwide prayer for war to end betwern Ukrain and Russia. Russia continues to arrest anti war protesters. An 80 year old woman is arrested. A young girl is seen taken too, her crime giving a rose infront of ambassador of Ukraine.  Kherson Ukraine's port city of Kherson falls to Russian forces as explosions heard in Kyiv. Ukraine Prisoners are being led out to fight. People are seeing local crime rise.

Celestial Trends: 2022 Prophecies

Celestial Trends: Heavenly Messages Prophecies about Russia Tuesday March 1 2022 6:30 am Central  Valentina Sydney Seer had a couple of accurate Heavenly messages about the 2022  War of Russia. The first was on February 17 2022 Valentina had a message from Our King and Lord Jesus Christ where he said: God the Father said, “My daughter, why I brought you here is because there is so much I want to tell you. The world is not getting any better. It is very sinful. Oh, what a mess! It is a mess wherever I look. Wherever I look, My poor children live in a sinful state, and they keep going on in that way like there is no tomorrow.” “One good thing that there is My daughter is I removed part of the Coronavirus. It is not as dangerous as it was. I have pity on My children so that they can go back to work to survive. They have to earn a living and provide for their families.” “Another thing I want to tell you is that the war with Russia, for the time being, is suspended but not completely stoppe