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Animals Facing Extinction Trend: Royal Turtle

Animals Facing Extinction Trend: Should We Blame it on the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Tweet 2018-02-24 by Veronica Davis  Follow @megatrndz #extinctiontrend #endangeredanimals #royalturtle #fukushima The Save Animals Facing Extinction tweets today the third royal turtle nest found in the past two years. PHNOM PENH (Reuters) states that Wildlife experts in Cambodia have discovered a nest with 16 eggs built by the nearly extinct “royal turtle”, in the first such discovery this year, the non-profit Wildlife Conservation (WCS) Society said on Monday. Contradictory to the article that by not eating their meat and eggs will save these ocean creatures is not what will save them. Only our Lord Jesus Christ can bring them back to life. But what is not being spoken about are the man made disasters around the Pacific Ocean and how it has affected the ocean living life.  Try to search a video on youtube on the fukushima nuclear disaster 2017 and you will find over About 1

Social Political Trends: The Liberal Agenda

Social Political Trends: The Liberal Agenda 2018-02-23 Veronica Davis   Follow @megatrndz Tweet How far is the liberal agenda willing to go?  And has the idea of being Liberal changed over time. Or is there is a double meaning of what the word Liberal means. Has there been a shift in the social definition of being Liberal. What is a liberal to me may not be liberal to you. It is important to know what is a liberal person. But more importantly when we vote for the Liberal party find out if their goals are actually liberal or are they just plain out hippie flamboyantly carefree from social responsibilities Liberal. But my point is not as much where we are today in understanding the Liberal Party. But does it match with our own ideologies. For example,  an immigrant family that has just arrived to Canada or the United States.  They have just lived through a civil war. So they want to feel liberated.  Why. Well, their rights and freedom has been violated in their